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Presentation Design

Obtain creative presentations created for your PowerPoint presentations, sales decks, or convincing pitch decks. Blue Bite Branding is trusted by both startups and scale-ups to design templates on demand or start from scratch and produce high-quality decks.

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Affordable than employing internal presentation designers

It adds up to a lot of money when you factor in the costs associated with employing, keeping, advancing, and promoting the careers of designers and creatives. Not to mention the associated operational overhead. We dissect the actual expense of doing certain presentation designs internally in this video.

Hint: Blue Bite Branding is around half the price of standard presentation design services and 20 times faster than hiring internally.


Simply Blue Bite Branding everything, from investor pitch decks to sales presentations.

For most presentations to be successful, you need to create a nicely designed deck that either grabs the attention of your audience or successfully pitches a business proposal. Your presentations must be clear and concise whether you’re pitching to internal audiences, convincing venture capitalists, or exhibiting your designs.

With a committed creative staff and a collaborative design platform, we create the best possible decks, templates, and presentation designs while also making it simple for teams to handle requests for presentation designs.

Presentation Design Services

Elegant, specially made PowerPoint presentations that make use of either fresh or pre-existing templates and designs.

Presentation Template Design

Presentation templates that are specially created to match your brand, either from scratch or by combining pre-existing designs in the format of your choice.

Any type of on-brand business presentation, accessible in a range of forms, that integrates new or current design components.

Personalized pitch decks with on-brand static or motion visuals that provide a high-caliber presentation that draws in potential investors.

Slide Deck Design

Personalized PowerPoint designs, Google Slides presentations, or alternative deck formats tailored to your aims and objectives.

Sales Deck Design

Fresh sales decks that are specially created from the ground up or in accordance with your style guide to assist in closing the transaction.



Our multicultural team of presentation designers creates more than just slide layouts; we use visual storytelling to bring powerful narratives to life. We effectively communicate your core ideas, feelings, stories, and data in a way that sticks with the audience and survives.

Areej oversees our presentation designers and has over 13 years of expertise. Award-winning creative director, she has worked on creative projects for a range of global clients, including McDonald’s, Diageo, Amstel, GroupM, Shopify, Intercom, and more.

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A wide range of possibilities under one roof

Give your marketing and creative teams literal superpowers. You can quickly bring any concept to life, whether it's gorgeous illustrations for your commercial campaigns, intriguing visuals for your keynote presentation, or animated movies for TikTok.

Matustik Builders

Georgia Addiction Treatment Center

Major World

Redemption Recovery



Quicker than employing in-house creatives



A decline in the average cost of each asset



Reduced time to market for digital assets



Customer rating on average


See how we can assist you in scaling web design.

We have collaborated with numerous businesses from all around the world that offer excellent web design services.

Why Blue Bite Branding is beloved by our clients

What distinguishes our services from others in presentation design?

We provide quick, excellent presentation design services via an open subscription model. As a tech-enabled business, we are able to stay up with teams at Amazon, Puma, Facebook, and other companies by creating our own exclusive software to brief, manage, and coordinate a large number of creative advertising campaigns.

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Find Answers

Using visually appealing and well-organized designs, presentation design assists you in delivering a seamless presentation from beginning to end. By developing eye-catching layouts, infographics, photos, and designs that are pertinent to your brand and messaging, the design enhances the appearance of PowerPoint slides and presentations overall. The ultimate objective of PowerPoint design is to support the sale of a good or service or the telling of your company’s narrative.
All artistic components and resources of a presentation are within the purview of the presentation designer. In order to properly convey their message, presentation designers collaborate extensively with clients to determine how many slides will be needed. The selection of all design components, including the general aesthetic, typefaces, icons, photos, and infographics, as well as making sure they are all consistent and on-brand, fall within the purview of the presentation designer.
An engaging design is essential for engaging audiences during presentations. Less words are used in the greatest presentations, which also employ graphics to convey ideas and keep the audience seated while telling your tale. A superb presentation need to be understandable, succinct, and beneficial to the audience.
We provide pitch decks, slide decks, sales presentations, PowerPoint-specific designs, presentation visuals, and presentation templates. But we take great satisfaction in providing bespoke designs that best suit your company’s requirements.
Our services are available to mid-market to large organizations, but we also cater to scale-ups and businesses of all sizes. We can expand our design services to meet your demands as a business. To mention a few, we collaborate with businesses like Facebook, Shopify, and Amazon. Would you want to see if Blue Bite Branding offers what you need? Why not schedule a call?
Due to our extensive global talent pool of top-tier designers, we can complete projects 20 times quicker than you can by recruiting your own designers. Blue Bite Branding was founded and has expanded by offering our clients the highest caliber presentation designs. We provide custom design subscriptions that include a specialized design team that works around the clock and produces work at breakneck speed. Bid farewell to overworked creative departments, backlogs, and bottlenecks. With our design directors and project managers integrated into your team and a collaborative platform that simplifies the briefing and management of your presentation design services, you can focus on what matters most—charts.

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    Matustik Builders

    Matustik Builders, a leading custom luxury home builder in Lake Geneva, WI, focuses on personalized attention to detail and customer service. Their mission is to consistently provide high-quality work at competitive costs, exceeding client expectations, and remain the preferred choice for custom-built homes in the area.
    matustik 4

    Digital Marketing Consulting

    Matustik Builders struggled to communicate their desired sophistication for their projects due to a lack of understanding of their target market, determining effective and wasteful strategies, and integrating sales and marketing systems. They also lacked internal marketing resources and knowledge, leading to project struggles.

    Matustik Builders opted for Blue Bite Branding’s inbound and content marketing system for their product with a long sales cycle. Blue Bite Branding integrated various marketing activities, including lead generation, landing pages, ads management, social media, reporting dashboards, and a blogging platform. This strategy aimed to engage leads and increase organic search rankings, with promoted content using paid and organic strategies. 


    Amplify your design capacity with Blue Bite Branding


    Georgia Addiction Treatment Center

    Georgia Addiction Treatment Center is a South-based addiction treatment facility renowned for its dual diagnosis program and patient-centered approach. It treats addiction without addressing the underlying causes, preventing relapse, and addressing mental health conditions including depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

    Brand Awareness

    Developing a design system that embodies the Georgia Addiction Treatment Center’s mission of offering real addiction treatment and enticing the community to make use of the institution was the assignment assigned to our team at Blue Bite branding. This included building a brand identity, a design system for several communication channels, an informative website, and a mobile app interface with healthcare features, in addition to performing a comprehensive competitor analysis.

    The main goal was to make the establishment appear and sound hospitable, amiable, trustworthy, and supportive.

    About SEO AUDIT

    Georgia Addiction Treatment Center

    Here’s how we went about doing an SEO audit on Georgia Center’s website:

    We examined a variety of on- and off-page components, such as backlinks, competitive analysis, internal linking, and more.

    To ensure that the website’s content satisfies search intent, we looked at the changes that improve it.

    Technical aspects including indexing, page performance, and website architecture were also looked at in detail.

    Following the audit, their website traffic rose in the ways listed below:


    Amplify your design capacity with Blue Bite Branding


    Major World

    Long Island City consumers can choose from a large assortment of reasonably priced used cars at Major World, a renowned used car dealer in New York. Purchasing a car doesn’t have to be costly with thousands of excellent models to select from.

    major world 1

    Digital Marketing Consulting

    Major World contacted Blue Bite Branding to use marketing tactics that would increase sales dramatically and combine a variety of marketing executions to increase brand awareness in the USA quickly. Within a modest marketing budget, we contributed to increasing new car sales by combining automotive content marketing, SEO development, public relations, and social media community participation.

    We made a point of enhancing the content marketing efforts on the website to make the experience of owning a car more realistic. In order to engage current owners and gain exposure to new audiences, we also focused heavily on providing tales and images of people having fun with the cars. These were shared on social media, local car clubs, online forums, and other online platforms. 

    About SEO AUDIT

    Major World

    First, we focused on boosting traffic to existing pages by analyzing keyword rankings for product pages related to specific cars. We capitalized on low-difficult keywords to increase traffic and improve the site’s ranking.

    Second, to improve your automotive website, we analyzed competitors’ targeting keywords and focused on creating content for these opportunities. We utilized high-quality link-building and strategic content each month to build a strong online presence of Major World in the automotive industry.

    We successfully targeted easy-win key terms, boosting their ranking to page 1 and doubling their organic traffic value after months of consistent work.

    See the results: 


    Amplify your design capacity with Blue Bite Branding


    Redemption Recovery

    Redemption Recovery provides holistic, evidence-based care to individuals struggling with addiction disorders, offering tailored treatment plans tailored to their well-being. With state-of-the-art facilities and a multidimensional approach, Redemption Recovery aims to foster lasting recovery and a better life for clients.
    road to reccovery

    Social Media Marketing

    Redemption Recovery, an addiction recovery center, aimed to improve its online presence and messaging to better connect with its audience and simplify the process of seeking help. The center’s website was already optimized for SEO but needed to be updated for user experience and engagement. The client also wanted to monitor automated Google Ads and use data to make incremental improvements.

    A Business Intelligence analysis was conducted on the client’s SEO, digital advertising, social media, and content marketing practices. The strategy was implemented to improve Google Ads paid search campaigns, generate comprehensive messaging, update the website, and improve local SEO and organic reach by improving the client’s Google My Business reputation. The data was used to guide further optimizations.

    About SEO AUDIT

    Redemption Recovery

    The Redemption Recovery experienced a significant decrease in traffic and revenue due to technical issues and a lack of algorithm awareness. To address this, we conducted keyword research, and competitor analysis, improved organic visibility, established credibility, developed targeted content, and improved UX and engagement.

    Here’s how it went:


    Amplify your design capacity with Blue Bite Branding