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Obtain powerful pitch decks that will convince even the most skeptical investors. Join a fully stacked design team with extensive expertise in creating memorable and successful pitch desks that you and your company deserve.

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Blue Bite Branding everything, including bespoke templates and pitch decks for investors and sales.

Pitch decks are a great tool for startups and established companies to clearly and succinctly convey their concept, brand, or message. It is the one factor that makes an opportunity more likely to be accepted. With everything you need to create stunning and impactful slides, our pitch deck design services provide access to a committed team of presentation design specialists. Our Pitch Deck Design is available through many subscription options and is a component of our presentation design solution.

Sales Presentation Decks

Take the time to create sales presentations that are effective and on-brand to make closing the purchase easier.

Startup & Investor Pitch Decks

Invest in a pitch deck created by experts with extensive experience. With stunning visuals, take a plain pitch and turn it into something your investors will remember.

Custom Pitch Deck Templates

Obtain a template that is specifically tailored to your needs, complete with slides and components that may be utilized on various occasions.


A tool that assists doers in avoiding the design backlog

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Specialized group of elite international talent

assemble a flexible, innovative team of top experts who have experience working on global brands.

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If necessary, a 12- to 48-hour turnaround

Just let Blue Bite Branding know what you need and when, whether you need it tomorrow or next week.

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You may handle comments and edits via Slack, email, or the built-in chat after submitting your brief.

Consistent subscription costs

Compared to agencies or the full-time expenses of employing internally, Blue Bite Branding is thirty percent less expensive.

Integrated into your company and brand

Blue Bite Branding becomes familiar with your audience, brand, workflows, and goals in order to guarantee consistency and excellence.

Designed to accommodate large corporate teams

An innovative solution designed with size, security, and secrecy as key priorities for today's business.

Without Blue Bite Branding, our customers can't fathom their lives.


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A pitch deck is a presentation that potential investors use to learn more about a company or product. Convincing investors to invest in the company or product is the aim of a pitch deck. The pitch deck must to be well laid out and simple to understand. In order to draw in investors, it must also have a pleasing aesthetic.

The process of developing a compelling and engaging presentation while considering all the relevant details for a client and producing high-quality designs for visual elements including font families, color schemes, and featured photos is known as pitch deck design.

Having a well-crafted pitch deck can assist you in getting finance for your company. The following advice can help you make a fantastic pitch deck:

  • Give a compelling opening that outlines the nature of your company and the reasons for your desire for finance.
  • Your business model should include a section explaining how you plan to generate revenue.
  • Highlight the experience and team members.
  • Give thorough details about the goods or services you offer.
  • Describe your marketing strategy and the way you intend to contact your target market.
  • Describe the financials of your company, including the money you currently have and the plans you have for the monies you are requesting.
  • Asking the investor to contact you so that you can tell them more is a powerful call to action at the end.

Having the appropriate tools is essential before you can start creating a pitch deck for investors. For this, you can utilize Apple Keynote, Microsoft PowerPoint, or Blue Bite Branding’s assistance.

Make an outline of your points before you begin writing a pitch deck for investors. The slides should make sense and provide an overview of your business or product. Information on your team, finances, market potential, competitive environment, and company strategy must all be included. Make sure to emphasize your advantages over the competition and give investors a reason to choose you.

Make sure your presentations are visually appealing and utilize wording that is clear and succinct. Use infographics, graphs, and pictures to illustrate your views. To deliver your pitch with assurance and effectiveness, make sure you rehearse it beforehand.

Many different types of clients, including startups, medium-sized businesses, and huge corporations, employ our pitch deck design services. A diverse variety of consumers find our services appealing due to their affordability and customization. We collaborate with our clients to design pitch decks that are especially suited to their objectives and requirements. Blue Bite Branding is a tool used by fast-growing businesses to increase bandwidth and free up internal designers to concentrate on more ambitious strategic initiatives while still producing high-caliber designs for their teams.

The majority of design services are either very specialized or too slow to meet the demands of today’s businesses given their high volume and velocity. You may always have access to an elastic creative team of design specialists by using Blue Bite Branding. Using a collaborative tool that makes briefing, maintaining, and providing feedback on pitch deck designs simple, the process is entirely controlled for you.

Our clients receive the best possible pitch decks from us. We are the design partners you should contact for your pitch deck needs, having served over 400 clients. Additionally, we can easily integrate into your design processes if you want to grow the needs for your pitch deck. We are experts at scaling design requirements for our clients. Please contact us to find out more about our extensive experience creating pitch decks.

A variety of subscription options that are customized to meet the needs of our clients are available to access our pitch deck design service. This specific feature is a component of our presentation design service, which provides our clients with unique presentation designs according to their specifications or requirements. Choose the Communications, Full Stack Design, or End-to-end Creative plan to begin using this service. You can have presentation design freedom by selecting the output level you need.


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