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Illustration Design

Obtain unique, brand-consistent graphics that serve as an extension of your business for your marketing campaigns or business. Bring in a top-notch design team to provide your organization with the illustrative knowledge it needs.

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Affordable than employing internal illustrators

It adds up to a lot of money when you factor in the costs associated with employing, keeping, advancing, and promoting the careers of designers and creatives. Not to mention the associated operational overhead. We dissect the actual cost of doing that illustration design in-house in this video.

Hint: Blue Bite Branding is around half the price of standard design companies and 20 times faster than recruiting internally.


Just Blue Bite Branding it, whether it's bespoke header pictures or on-brand artwork.

Simply having well-drawn drawings is insufficient for success on the internet; designs also need to be inventive, one-of-a-kind, and narratively compelling. That’s difficult to accomplish using stock photographs, but it is possible with unique illustrations created especially for your target market that serve as a continuation of your brand.

Blue Bite Branding offers a committed creative staff to your company, freeing up your internal designers and sparing you from disorganized marketplaces. With a platform designed for creative collaboration, handle design requests with ease.

Illustration Design Services

Custom Illustrations

Stunningly unique custom graphics for marketing, education, business, and other purposes.

Personalized infographics for use in presentations, on the web, or in print that are based on current or new data.

Custom Marketing Material

Specifically illustrated content for marketing campaigns that meets your needs and draws the attention of your target market.

Custom Web, Icon & Banner Graphics

bespoke iconography, banner images, and imagery to leave an online impact on your audience.



At Blue Bite Branding, illustration design plays a crucial role in the ever-changing fields of marketing and design. Illustration design gives ideas to life and transforms them into compelling narratives that have a profound emotional impact. It does this by combining visual storytelling, evoking strong emotions, and enthralling viewers. Drawings provide a brand personality and charm, increasing brand identification and creating deep connections with consumers.

Areej is our Packaging and Merch Designer leader, having over 13 years of expertise. Being an award-winning creative director, she has directed the creative direction of numerous global clients, including McDonald’s, Diageo, GroupM, Shopify, Intercom, and more.

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A wide range of possibilities under one roof

Give your marketing and creative teams literal superpowers. You can quickly bring any concept to life, whether it's gorgeous illustrations for your commercial campaigns, intriguing visuals for your keynote presentation, or animated movies for TikTok.

Ylang Ylang Beach Resort

Redemption Recovery

Major World

La Clave Home Improvements



Quicker than employing in-house creatives



A decline in the average cost of each asset



Reduced time to market for digital assets



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We have collaborated with numerous businesses from all over the world, offering premium graphics and designs.

Why Blue Bite Branding is beloved by our clients

What distinguishes our Illustration Design services from others?

We use an open subscription model to provide quick, excellent ad design services. Our company is tech-enabled, using in-house proprietary tools to manage, organize, and brief a large number of illustration design projects. This allows us to stay up to date with teams at companies like Facebook, Puma, Amazon, and more.

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The skill of producing captivating visual images—drawings, paintings, photos, vectors, etc.—that tell a story even in the absence of language is known as illustration design. Additionally, illustrations serve to emphasize the points made in an article or tale.

The skill of creating captivating images with an emphasis primarily on visuals and minimal words that convey data and information in an understandable and succinct manner is known as infographic design. You may be familiar with infographics from other sources, such as diagrams, mind maps, pie charts, and bar graphs.

Using pre-existing materials like forms, text, photos, logos, and effects, graphic designers produce static images. Characters and scenery are created by illustrators. A motion designer can create motion for both illustrations and graphic designs.

Blue Bite Branding provides data visualizations, infographics, and graphical representations that are in line with your brand for use on presentations, reports, sales materials, and websites. Basically, Blue Bite Branding may illustrate anything that a corporation needs.

Our illustration design services are utilized by marketing teams and creative teams at both startups and large corporations. Your internal team may save up critical time by utilizing our skilled designers, as we provide a collaborative platform for briefs, comments, revisions, and brand asset preservation. Your illustrations will remain true to your brand.

Blue Bite Branding only hires the top 1% of talent, sourcing our designers from the world’s finest agencies. From basic background designs to completely illustrated characters, we offer a wide range of illustration services. Our supercharged platform for collaboration facilitates a direct connection between your enterprise’s staff and your Blue Bite Branding creative team. This guarantees that illustrations are always on time, on brand, and concise.


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    Ylang Ylang Beach Resort

    Ylang Ylang Beach Resort in Montezuma, Costa Rica offers comfortable beachfront rooms, bungalows, a swimming pool, yoga studio, spa, and a restaurant and bar, offering a perfect vacation spot surrounded by tropical gardens and wildlife.

    Brand Identity Design

    Our creative copywriters collaborated with Ylang Ylang through brand workshops to define their audience, understand their business, and define their brand positioning, ensuring effective communication.

    We created and produced a web showcase for the magnificent resort. Whether a visitor is using a PC or a mobile device, the website’s efficient navigation design makes it simple for them to go through the parts. To be used as a portable/offline presentation, a PDF was also made. 

    About SEO AUDIT

    Ylang Ylang Beach Resort

    Our SEO audit for Ylang Ylang’s website simply covered plan development for the next three months, keyword research, site analysis, competitor analysis, digital properties, backlink, and anchor text audit, Google My Business and Bing for Business listings, citation audit, setting up Google Analytics and keyword tracking software, SEO optimized site structure, website design, hosting, CMS, plugins and widgets analysis, and monthly report.

    Here’s what we got:


    Amplify your design capacity with Blue Bite Branding


    Redemption Recovery

    Redemption Recovery provides holistic, evidence-based care to individuals struggling with addiction disorders, offering tailored treatment plans tailored to their well-being. With state-of-the-art facilities and a multidimensional approach, Redemption Recovery aims to foster lasting recovery and a better life for clients.
    road to reccovery

    Social Media Marketing

    Redemption Recovery, an addiction recovery center, aimed to improve its online presence and messaging to better connect with its audience and simplify the process of seeking help. The center’s website was already optimized for SEO but needed to be updated for user experience and engagement. The client also wanted to monitor automated Google Ads and use data to make incremental improvements.

    A Business Intelligence analysis was conducted on the client’s SEO, digital advertising, social media, and content marketing practices. The strategy was implemented to improve Google Ads paid search campaigns, generate comprehensive messaging, update the website, and improve local SEO and organic reach by improving the client’s Google My Business reputation. The data was used to guide further optimizations.

    About SEO AUDIT

    Redemption Recovery

    The Redemption Recovery experienced a significant decrease in traffic and revenue due to technical issues and a lack of algorithm awareness. To address this, we conducted keyword research, and competitor analysis, improved organic visibility, established credibility, developed targeted content, and improved UX and engagement.

    Here’s how it went:


    Amplify your design capacity with Blue Bite Branding


    Major World

    Long Island City consumers can choose from a large assortment of reasonably priced used cars at Major World, a renowned used car dealer in New York. Purchasing a car doesn’t have to be costly with thousands of excellent models to select from.

    major world 1

    Digital Marketing Consulting

    Major World contacted Blue Bite Branding to use marketing tactics that would increase sales dramatically and combine a variety of marketing executions to increase brand awareness in the USA quickly. Within a modest marketing budget, we contributed to increasing new car sales by combining automotive content marketing, SEO development, public relations, and social media community participation.

    We made a point of enhancing the content marketing efforts on the website to make the experience of owning a car more realistic. In order to engage current owners and gain exposure to new audiences, we also focused heavily on providing tales and images of people having fun with the cars. These were shared on social media, local car clubs, online forums, and other online platforms. 

    About SEO AUDIT

    Major World

    First, we focused on boosting traffic to existing pages by analyzing keyword rankings for product pages related to specific cars. We capitalized on low-difficult keywords to increase traffic and improve the site’s ranking.

    Second, to improve your automotive website, we analyzed competitors’ targeting keywords and focused on creating content for these opportunities. We utilized high-quality link-building and strategic content each month to build a strong online presence of Major World in the automotive industry.

    We successfully targeted easy-win key terms, boosting their ranking to page 1 and doubling their organic traffic value after months of consistent work.

    See the results: 


    Amplify your design capacity with Blue Bite Branding


    La Clave Home Improvements

    La Clave Home Improvement provides high-quality remodeling and construction services, fostering trust and comfort through a qualified team. They use sustainable materials and equipment, ensuring sustainable development. With decades of experience, they aim to make your home your dream home.
    laclave 1

    Brand Awareness

    La Clave Home Improvements, a specialist in luxury fitted bedrooms, kitchens, and garden rooms, competes with major brands while delivering quality and craftsmanship. They offer a range of payment plans and have faced challenges in managing their own Facebook campaigns due to poor results and wasted spending.

    The business sought a results-driven agency with efficient innovative audience-targeting techniques. Blue Bite Branding was chosen due to our ability to reach the right customers at the right cost.

    About SEO AUDIT

    La Clave Home Improvements

    La Clave Home Improvements’ Google search ranking was enhanced by strategically incorporating keywords and technical improvements. Video production was used to humanize the brand, showcasing a unique, people-first approach. The video showcased renovated homes and happy homeowners, demonstrating trust in the brand’s project.

    Here are the results:


    Amplify your design capacity with Blue Bite Branding