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Motion Design

Invest in motion graphics that are in line with your brand to improve your advertisements, presentations, digital campaigns, and websites. Utilize next-generation motion design to elevate your efforts by integrating a fully-stacked design team with your marketing and creative teams.

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Affordable than employing internal motion designers

It adds up to a lot of money when you factor in the costs associated with employing, keeping, advancing, and promoting the careers of designers and creatives. Not to mention the associated operational overhead. We dissect the actual cost of doing the motion graphics design in-house in this video.

Hint: Blue Bite Branding is around half the price of standard design companies and 20 times faster than recruiting internally.


Simply Blue Bite Branding it, from motion graphics to animated advertisements and logos.

The days of static creativity that might draw in users are long gone. Online animated material and motion graphics are becoming increasingly popular as a means of improving audience engagement. Motion design greatly enhances ad performance, landing page conversions, and email CTAs.

Blue Bite Branding offers a fully-stacked design staff with specialized knowledge in motion graphics and animation, making it simple to get animation or motion graphics designed.

Services for Motion Design

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics and animated creativity were produced for a range of applications, including blog posts, marketing collateral, and advertising campaigns.

Your brand and audience are considered throughout the creation of animated videos that are used as instructional or promotional materials.

Obtain audio, video, and text created just for your brand to help promote your product or service.

Animated Presentations

Presentations that are unique and include motion and animated components bring them to life and increase audience engagement.

Motion Ads

Animated digital advertisements that use better click-through rates to promote goods and services, draw in new customers, and advertise across various online channels and platforms.

Animated Logos

Personalized logos that use motion and animation can convey a message or a story and draw in customers in a whole new way.



Our multicultural team of presentation designers creates more than just slide layouts; we use visual storytelling to bring powerful narratives to life. We effectively communicate your core ideas, feelings, stories, and data in a way that sticks with the audience and survives.

Areej oversees our presentation designers and has over 13 years of expertise. Award-winning creative director, she has worked on creative projects for a range of global clients, including McDonald’s, Diageo, Amstel, GroupM, Shopify, Intercom, and more.

Schedule a conversation with Areej and her team of creative pros to find out how they can make your papers come to life.


A wide range of possibilities under one roof

Give your marketing and creative teams literal superpowers. You can quickly bring any concept to life, whether it's gorgeous illustrations for your commercial campaigns, intriguing visuals for your keynote presentation, or animated movies for TikTok.

Redemption Recovery

La Clave Home Improvements

Matustik Builders

Exquisite Knives



Quicker than employing in-house creatives



A decline in the average cost of each asset



Reduced time to market for digital assets



Customer rating on average


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We have collaborated with numerous international businesses to provide motion design and graphics of the highest caliber.

Why Blue Bite Branding is beloved by our clients

What distinguishes our Motion Design services from others?

We provide quick, top-notch motion graphics services via an open subscription model. As a tech-enabled business, we are able to stay up with teams at Amazon, Puma, Facebook, and other companies by creating our own exclusive software to brief, manage, and coordinate a large volume of creative advertising campaigns.

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Find Answers

Motion design is a branch of graphic design that applies the concepts of graphic design to the creation of animated films or videos. We employ it as a more sophisticated means of interacting with the audience and enhancing the narrative and message through motion graphics. We achieve the ideal union of full-range motion design through a remarkable fusion of motion, visual design, and music.
There are many different types of motion design; some are fully animated, while others use video clips. The latter could have animation overlays that improve and supplement viewers’ comprehension of the material, like data visualizations, iconography, pictures, and explanation text. While emotive motion graphics try to evoke a certain emotional response in viewers, explainer motion graphics try to teach viewers about a product, method, or idea. On the other hand, promotional motion graphics are employed to increase public awareness of a project, service, or good.
Motion design improves marketing and storytelling initiatives while raising engagement. It is striking, and people are naturally drawn to notice things. The performance of advertisements in this format can be considerably increased by using motion design in conjunction with excellent language, storytelling, and images. While video significantly lengthens users’ stays on a page, motion content also benefits technically from advances in search engine and social network feed algorithms. In fact, 96% of customers regard movies to be helpful when they shop. Tests comparing motion and static advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, and Amazon revealed that motion ads received 1.5 times more hits on average than static ads, and marketing campaigns even experienced a 49% faster gain in income. Additionally, the click-through rate of videos in emails is 200–300% greater than that of static email designs.
Typically, animation involves using cinematic effects and storytelling to construct a narrative. However, abstract, text, objects, or other moving elements are the main focus of motion design.
Motion design significantly improves brand engagement on digital and social media platforms. It not only outperforms the competition, but it also has a track record of increasing the performance of your digital advertisements. Not yet persuaded? Give us a call to follow in the footsteps of Puma, Toyota, and other companies we create motion designs for; we’ll go over everything in detail.
Any business that aspires to surpass its competitors would be extremely successful in incorporating motion graphic design into its branding. If you work in marketing, sales, or product development, or you’re just an innovative thinker, you’ll gain from incorporating this improved functionality into your website content, advertising campaigns, and brand designs.
Blue Bite Branding provides the best designers because we think every brand should have access to them. The top 1% of designers worldwide make up our team, and you may reach them at any moment through your own personal creative team and our platform for creative collaboration. Being at your disposal 24/7 allows us to give a shorter response time than any motion design studio. In comparison to conventional pricey firms, we are also 30% more affordable and 20 times faster.

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    Redemption Recovery

    Redemption Recovery provides holistic, evidence-based care to individuals struggling with addiction disorders, offering tailored treatment plans tailored to their well-being. With state-of-the-art facilities and a multidimensional approach, Redemption Recovery aims to foster lasting recovery and a better life for clients.
    road to reccovery

    Social Media Marketing

    Redemption Recovery, an addiction recovery center, aimed to improve its online presence and messaging to better connect with its audience and simplify the process of seeking help. The center’s website was already optimized for SEO but needed to be updated for user experience and engagement. The client also wanted to monitor automated Google Ads and use data to make incremental improvements.

    A Business Intelligence analysis was conducted on the client’s SEO, digital advertising, social media, and content marketing practices. The strategy was implemented to improve Google Ads paid search campaigns, generate comprehensive messaging, update the website, and improve local SEO and organic reach by improving the client’s Google My Business reputation. The data was used to guide further optimizations.

    About SEO AUDIT

    Redemption Recovery

    The Redemption Recovery experienced a significant decrease in traffic and revenue due to technical issues and a lack of algorithm awareness. To address this, we conducted keyword research, and competitor analysis, improved organic visibility, established credibility, developed targeted content, and improved UX and engagement.

    Here’s how it went:


    Amplify your design capacity with Blue Bite Branding


    La Clave Home Improvements

    La Clave Home Improvement provides high-quality remodeling and construction services, fostering trust and comfort through a qualified team. They use sustainable materials and equipment, ensuring sustainable development. With decades of experience, they aim to make your home your dream home.
    laclave 1

    Brand Awareness

    La Clave Home Improvements, a specialist in luxury fitted bedrooms, kitchens, and garden rooms, competes with major brands while delivering quality and craftsmanship. They offer a range of payment plans and have faced challenges in managing their own Facebook campaigns due to poor results and wasted spending.

    The business sought a results-driven agency with efficient innovative audience-targeting techniques. Blue Bite Branding was chosen due to our ability to reach the right customers at the right cost.

    About SEO AUDIT

    La Clave Home Improvements

    La Clave Home Improvements’ Google search ranking was enhanced by strategically incorporating keywords and technical improvements. Video production was used to humanize the brand, showcasing a unique, people-first approach. The video showcased renovated homes and happy homeowners, demonstrating trust in the brand’s project.

    Here are the results:


    Amplify your design capacity with Blue Bite Branding


    Matustik Builders

    Matustik Builders, a leading custom luxury home builder in Lake Geneva, WI, focuses on personalized attention to detail and customer service. Their mission is to consistently provide high-quality work at competitive costs, exceeding client expectations, and remain the preferred choice for custom-built homes in the area.
    matustik 4

    Digital Marketing Consulting

    Matustik Builders struggled to communicate their desired sophistication for their projects due to a lack of understanding of their target market, determining effective and wasteful strategies, and integrating sales and marketing systems. They also lacked internal marketing resources and knowledge, leading to project struggles.

    Matustik Builders opted for Blue Bite Branding’s inbound and content marketing system for their product with a long sales cycle. Blue Bite Branding integrated various marketing activities, including lead generation, landing pages, ads management, social media, reporting dashboards, and a blogging platform. This strategy aimed to engage leads and increase organic search rankings, with promoted content using paid and organic strategies. 


    Amplify your design capacity with Blue Bite Branding


    Exquisite Knives

    Exquisite Knives, owned by retired American Bladesmith Society Mastersmith Dave Ellis, offers rare custom knives to collectors with a discerning eye for craftsmanship and history. Offering fixed blade, folding, and loveless knives, it educates and helps collectors acquire high-end knives.
    knives site 5

    Brand Awareness

    Exquisite Knives sought to raise brand recognition, draw in new customers, and upsell current ones on services. They wished to emphasize the size, commitment, and quality of their workforce. To demonstrate their offerings and size, a multimedia presentation was made. They used it for design and marketing materials across multiple channels and posted it on their website.

    About SEO AUDIT

    Exquisite Knives

    Blue Bite Branding applied SEO and growth marketing strategies to Exquisite Knives’ website, starting with keyword research. They optimized the site for over 500 keywords and monitored them throughout the campaign. Growth analysis was also conducted to ensure long-lasting success, focusing on trends and variables. The team consistently analyzed progress and shared reports with the client.

    This is how it turned out:


    Amplify your design capacity with Blue Bite Branding