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Branding Services

Obtain the brand knowledge you require, in the manner that best suits your needs—from brand creation to unique branding solutions. Invest in a top-notch design team to produce memorable branding for your company.

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Affordable than employing internal brand designers

It adds up to a lot of money when you factor in the costs associated with employing, keeping, advancing, and promoting the careers of designers and creatives. Not to mention the associated operational overhead. We dissect the actual cost of doing that brand design in-house in this video.

Hint: Blue Bite Branding is around half the price of standard design companies and 20 times faster than recruiting internally.


Just Blue Bite Branding it, from brand design to unique brand solutions.

Scale-ups and enterprises are employing branding consultancies at an increasing rate in order to differentiate themselves from competitors, establish their brand, and get the trust of their target market. We provide three options for branding: custom branding, brand design, and brand development.

Whether we’re doing a complete rebranding or a built-from-the-ground-up branding, Blue Bite Branding makes it simple to obtain excellent and distinctive brand design.

Branding Services

Brand Development

A complete design and copy solution to build your brand from the ground up.

Updating and improving the brand's current visuals, copy, and identity.

Custom Branding

A specially designed solution for clients who need brand refreshes with fresh viewpoints but already have established brand aspects.

Brand Guidelines

Creation of paperwork about style guidelines, brand guidelines, and the proper combinations of logos, typography, and colors.

Brand Story Development

Creation of your distinct brand narrative, discovered via deep dive sessions and immersion workshops.

Logo Design

Create a unique and captivating logo for your company that can be used in both static and animated formats.



In order to better understand what brands require to accelerate long-term growth and brand success, we built our branding capability. Our branding solution’s capacity to assign numerous creatives to work on all assets concurrently maximizes “speed to value” for our clients.

Our team of creatives for branding is led by Areej. She has held positions as Global Creative Director at Delivery Hero and Blinkist in the past. She has a wealth of expertise working with elite clients like Adobe, Pinterest, and Sony, to mention a few.

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A wide range of possibilities under one roof

Give your marketing and creative teams literal superpowers. You can quickly bring any concept to life, whether it's gorgeous illustrations for your commercial campaigns, intriguing visuals for your keynote presentation, or animated movies for TikTok.

Ylang Ylang Beach Resort

Redemption Recovery

The Herschthal Practice

Exquisite Knives



Quicker than employing in-house creatives



A decline in the average cost of each asset



Reduced time to market for digital assets



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We have collaborated with numerous businesses from all around the world to provide excellent brand design.

Why Blue Bite Branding is beloved by our clients

What distinguishes our Brand Design services from others?

We use an open subscription model to provide quick, excellent brand design services. As a tech-enabled business, we are able to keep up with teams at Amazon, Puma, Facebook, and other companies by creating our own exclusive software to brief, manage, and coordinate a large number of branding projects.

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The components that enable a brand to be recognized and set apart from all others are collectively referred to as a company’s branding. More than just a logo, branding is the expression of your company’s identity via color, typography, design, and narrative.
Creating an instantly recognizable brand identity is the goal of branding, as it aids in setting your company apart from rivals. Additionally, brand identity creates coherence throughout your business and gives it a fully formed, established professional first image in the marketplace.
A brand guide is a comprehensive handbook that describes how a brand should be represented and communicated in its entirety. Typically, a brand style guide outlines the acceptable uses of a company’s fonts, colors, and logo. in addition to the copy’s composition and communication objectives. A brand guide should provide readers with a clear understanding of the company’s voice, engagement, and appearance.
We build your brand from the ground up using our brand development service. In addition to the additional Tonal Guides, Sample Headlines, Animated Logo Builds and Brand, Copy and Social Media Guidelines, and Response Guides on Level 2, it also includes both verbal and visual identity products like Brand Story Creation, Logo Development, Brand System Design, and Comprehensive Brand Guidelines for our Level 1 customers.
Our brand design service is intended for customers who already have a tone of voice, positioning, and brand strategy in place but need help creating a visual identity. For our Level 1 customers, it includes Comprehensive Brand Guidelines, Brand Design System, and Logo Development. For our Level 2 customers, it also includes an Animated Logo Build and Social Media Guidelines.
Level 1 and Level 2 branding development and design solutions can be completed in as little as 10 weeks or 12 weeks, respectively. We project up to 325 hours for Level 1 and 545 hours for Level 2 of brand development. We project that Level 1 and Level 2 Brand Design will take up to 230 and 320 hours, respectively.
There are two rounds of revision for each of our brand stories, logo animation, tone guides, sample headlines, and social media guides. Each of our three revision cycles for our Core Brand Essentials, Branding Look and Feel, and Brand Guidelines is included. Additional overage hours resulting from exceeding the predetermined number of revisions will be billed individually at the indicated rates.
Larger businesses succeed by having a deliberate and well-structured brand identity that is appealing to both internal and external stakeholders. In order to provide brand creative materials at scale, we collaborate with Shopify, Amazon, and Salesforce. With Blue Bite Branding, any business can simply contact its target audience and take its operations to the next level.
Our committed brand design teams are hand-picked and customized to meet your company’s demands. We don’t use a strategy that works for everyone. We work with all of your company’s resources to get to know your business. Our custom end-to-end creative solutions are economical and come with faster turnaround times than costlier firms can match. Our design services are available to you around the clock.

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    Ylang Ylang Beach Resort

    Ylang Ylang Beach Resort in Montezuma, Costa Rica offers comfortable beachfront rooms, bungalows, a swimming pool, yoga studio, spa, and a restaurant and bar, offering a perfect vacation spot surrounded by tropical gardens and wildlife.

    Brand Identity Design

    Our creative copywriters collaborated with Ylang Ylang through brand workshops to define their audience, understand their business, and define their brand positioning, ensuring effective communication.

    We created and produced a web showcase for the magnificent resort. Whether a visitor is using a PC or a mobile device, the website’s efficient navigation design makes it simple for them to go through the parts. To be used as a portable/offline presentation, a PDF was also made. 

    About SEO AUDIT

    Ylang Ylang Beach Resort

    Our SEO audit for Ylang Ylang’s website simply covered plan development for the next three months, keyword research, site analysis, competitor analysis, digital properties, backlink, and anchor text audit, Google My Business and Bing for Business listings, citation audit, setting up Google Analytics and keyword tracking software, SEO optimized site structure, website design, hosting, CMS, plugins and widgets analysis, and monthly report.

    Here’s what we got:


    Amplify your design capacity with Blue Bite Branding


    Redemption Recovery

    Redemption Recovery provides holistic, evidence-based care to individuals struggling with addiction disorders, offering tailored treatment plans tailored to their well-being. With state-of-the-art facilities and a multidimensional approach, Redemption Recovery aims to foster lasting recovery and a better life for clients.
    road to reccovery

    Social Media Marketing

    Redemption Recovery, an addiction recovery center, aimed to improve its online presence and messaging to better connect with its audience and simplify the process of seeking help. The center’s website was already optimized for SEO but needed to be updated for user experience and engagement. The client also wanted to monitor automated Google Ads and use data to make incremental improvements.

    A Business Intelligence analysis was conducted on the client’s SEO, digital advertising, social media, and content marketing practices. The strategy was implemented to improve Google Ads paid search campaigns, generate comprehensive messaging, update the website, and improve local SEO and organic reach by improving the client’s Google My Business reputation. The data was used to guide further optimizations.

    About SEO AUDIT

    Redemption Recovery

    The Redemption Recovery experienced a significant decrease in traffic and revenue due to technical issues and a lack of algorithm awareness. To address this, we conducted keyword research, and competitor analysis, improved organic visibility, established credibility, developed targeted content, and improved UX and engagement.

    Here’s how it went:


    Amplify your design capacity with Blue Bite Branding


    The Herschthal Practice

    The Herschthal Practice in Florida, USA, offers personalized dermatologic care, combining advanced techniques with expertise to achieve natural, aesthetic results.

    Offering individualized dermatological care, The Herschthal Practice strives to strike a balance between skin health and aesthetics. Dermatologists with board certifications guarantee patient happiness and meticulous care by offering state-of-the-art customized treatments and medical education.

    cosmetic changed 1

    Brand Awareness

    The Herschthal Practice asked Blue Bite Branding to reassess its digital marketing efforts by leveraging Facebook and Instagram to generate new patient leads. The practice aimed to establish a high-quality organic social media presence by increasing their brand following and implementing paid campaigns, as well as creative video and graphics for ad placements.
    About SEO AUDIT

    The Herschthal Practice

    We refined factors and implemented SEO strategies to increase visibility in SERPs searches, including optimizing on-page content, integrating relevant keywords, following content marketing, introducing off-page marketing for referrals, and fostering social media engagement.

    Here are the results:


    Amplify your design capacity with Blue Bite Branding


    Exquisite Knives

    Exquisite Knives, owned by retired American Bladesmith Society Mastersmith Dave Ellis, offers rare custom knives to collectors with a discerning eye for craftsmanship and history. Offering fixed blade, folding, and loveless knives, it educates and helps collectors acquire high-end knives.
    knives site 5

    Brand Awareness

    Exquisite Knives sought to raise brand recognition, draw in new customers, and upsell current ones on services. They wished to emphasize the size, commitment, and quality of their workforce. To demonstrate their offerings and size, a multimedia presentation was made. They used it for design and marketing materials across multiple channels and posted it on their website.

    About SEO AUDIT

    Exquisite Knives

    Blue Bite Branding applied SEO and growth marketing strategies to Exquisite Knives’ website, starting with keyword research. They optimized the site for over 500 keywords and monitored them throughout the campaign. Growth analysis was also conducted to ensure long-lasting success, focusing on trends and variables. The team consistently analyzed progress and shared reports with the client.

    This is how it turned out:


    Amplify your design capacity with Blue Bite Branding