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Video Production

Lights, camera, action! Obtain the video you require without difficulty. Our adaptable video production services connect with your successful go-to-market plan and meet you where you are.

video production



From photo sessions to editing, just master it.

For agile video production, work with top-notch video creatives instead of sluggish, costly agencies or dubious freelancer markets.
Blue Bite Branding gives you the freedom to choose the level of support you require, from a helping hand to an entire team, ensuring that you only receive the video services you require and nothing more.
A video that achieves your goals

Easy video creation for aspirational brands

A video that strengthens branding

Excellent film that is beyond the scope of a typical video team. Work together with copywriters, creative directors, and other experts to make your idea a reality.

Engagement-focused video

Provide branded material that is consistently prepared according to the best practices of various platforms to the algorithm.

A video that executes

Utilize top-notch creative talent and channel knowledge to produce animated ads specifically designed for social media, user-generated content, or TV commercials.

Using video to lead has never been simpler.

To satisfy our consumers’ needs for videos, we have customized our subscriptions. Discuss the video project with our team that needs to go online like, yesterday.


Use Blue Bite Branding to unleash hassle-free video.

With the help of our creative-as-a-service solution, you may set aside hours for services like video creation with a subscription.

Gain access to world-class creatives such as artists, copywriters, video professionals, and more.

Every project with Blue Bite Branding has a modular team that is specifically designed for its own goals and aesthetic.

You get access to more than production hours with a Blue Bite Branding subscription.

To help you concentrate on producing pixel-perfect work, your team receives a specialized creative project manager and access to the Blue Bite Branding project management platform.

You will always need strong creativity, even if you don’t always require video.

You can use your Blue Bite Branding hours on other design tasks, such as email design, branding services, and ad creative if your content calendar does not feature video this month.

Blue Bite Branding adapts to the changes in your team’s design requirements so you can be confident your creative expenditures are profitable.

Additionally, unused time can be carefully carried over to the following month and applied to larger initiatives that are planned.

A specially assembled group for each video production

Blue Bite Branding ensures you receive the expertise and resources you require by customizing the production crew for each film to the specific requirements of the project.


From modular services to large-scale manufacturing



  • Brand social audit and creative immersion session
  • Social media strategy
  • Platform optimization planning

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  • Insight-inspired creative concepts that speak to your brand
  • Scripting and storyboards
  • Creative treatment
  • Project planning, timelines, and management


  • A film crew of specialized talent
  • Live stream of the director’s screen
  • Big or small, scalable to your needs
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  • Video editing optimized by the platform
  • Voice-overs, subtitles & translations
  • Animation & motion design
  • Audio (SFX & mastering & raw video files)

Video material suited to each goal.

Obtain the ideal combination of video services for the needs of each project.

Brand marketing videos

Production of brand videos for advertising campaigns or brand awareness campaigns that broaden your audience.

Product videos

Production assistance for your product launches, training materials, or feature highlights.

UGC-style video

Profit from user-generated content without committing to a comprehensive influencer campaign.

Video ad services

Enhance your performance marketing plan by providing production and editing services for video advertisements on social media and other digital platforms.

Customer testimonials

Use client videos and other video testimonials to highlight your social proof.

Social media video

Improve the quality of your videos by producing social media-friendly, brand-consistent video content.


Video Services FAQs

We find U.S.-relevant personnel according to your requirements since many of our clients are accustomed to filming abroad.

In order to provide our customers with live feedback and ongoing support, we now offer remote viewings of the shoots.

We put forth effort to produce a number of customized films and other deliverables that are appropriate for your platforms, brand, and goals.

Everything is covered, including post-production, motion, and sound, as well as content strategy, scriptwriting, direction, and videography.

Sure, We may modify the content as we go along by collaborating with your teams, which helps us make each month’s film a little bit better.

Two weeks are usually dedicated to onboarding and creative workshopping, followed by four weeks of production in a normal cycle. Following the initial month, the production cycle usually lasts for four to five weeks.

Our video solutions are designed for forward-thinking brands who want to push their outputs to previously unheard-of levels or who want to try social video and video advertising for the first time. Using our video services, you may produce videos that you’ve always wanted to put on social media platforms like TikTok or advertising channels like Facebook but lacked the internal resources to accomplish. Every tactic and plan is different and tailored to your brand.

We integrate into your current workflows and operate as an extension of your staff. With a subscription model, we offer efficiency and competence in place of the laborious budget approval procedure and back-and-forth with executives. Your committed staff follows your brand specifications when creating your video content, down to the color scheme and voice style. Your primary point of contact meets with you on a regular basis to learn about your requirements and desires. They can add or subtract skills like motion designers, illustrators, and multi-talented producers that are uncommon in agency video production. Simply Blue Bite Branding it if you want to release content on social media constantly or produce high-end videos in-studio.


Describe your needs for video production to us.

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