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With aesthetically beautiful and extremely engaging site designs that are suited to your business demands, you can unleash your online potential. To create engaging user experiences, link your development and marketing teams to our expert web design services.

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Affordable than employing internal web designers

The expenses associated with recruiting, retaining, advancing, and promoting web designers’ careers go up swiftly. There’s also the operational overhead to take into account. We dissect the actual cost of hiring an in-house web designer in this video.

Hint: Blue Bite Branding is around half the price of standard web design services and 20 times faster than hiring internally.


Blue Bite Branding it, from custom graphics to website design

Businesses require more than simply aesthetically pleasing web designs in today’s digital environment. They need design solutions that are strategic and user-centered in order to boost user engagement, stimulate growth, and develop a powerful online presence.

The talented UX/UI designers at Blue Bite Branding combine form and function to create engaging and easy-to-use web experiences. Join together with Blue Bite Branding to take advantage of our inventive platform and creative ability for smooth communication and cooperation.

Web Design Services

Website Design

Bespoke site designs that capture your brand's soul and appeal to your target audience. Beautiful user interfaces that encourage interaction and conversions have replaced wireframes.

We can help you maximize the conversions of your products or services with custom-designed landing pages, regardless of where your advertising campaign is in the funnel.

UI/UX Audit

By finding design enhancements, raising user satisfaction, and enhancing conversion rates, a UX/UI audit optimizes digital goods for overall business performance.

Design Systems

creation and compilation of a design system with consideration for the needs and goals of your brand.

Website Graphics

Aesthetically pleasing and consistent visuals that enhance the visual appeal and clearly convey your message for your blog and website content.

Website Redesign

Give your current website a makeover and modernization with a new look and enhanced user experience that complements your brand and business objectives.



Your secret to unmatched marketing success is our expertise in digital advertising. We’ve polished our craft to produce outcomes quickly and precisely. We can help with every aspect of advertising campaign creation, including audience targeting, digital platform optimization, and attractive campaign design.

Our team of creatives for digital advertising is led by Areej. She has held positions as Global Creative Director at Delivery Hero and Blinkist in the past. She has a wealth of expertise working with elite clients like Adobe, Pinterest, and Sony, to mention a few.

To find out more, schedule a call with Areej and her team if you require their expertise on your advertisements.


A wide range of possibilities under one roof

Give your marketing and creative teams literal superpowers. You can quickly bring any concept to life, whether it's gorgeous illustrations for your commercial campaigns, intriguing visuals for your keynote presentation, or animated movies for TikTok.

The Herschthal Practice

Georgia Addiction Treatment Center

Matustik Builders

Major World



Quicker than employing in-house creatives



A decline in the average cost of each asset



Reduced time to market for digital assets



Customer rating on average


See how we can assist you in scaling web design.

We have collaborated with numerous businesses from all around the world that offer excellent web design services.

Why Blue Bite Branding is beloved by our clients

What distinguishes our web design services from others?

We use a clear subscription model to provide quick, excellent web design services. As a tech-enabled business, we create our own proprietary software to handle and organize a large number of web design projects, enabling us to stay up to date with teams from companies like Facebook, Puma, Amazon, and more.

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Web Design Questions

The process of developing a website’s overall aesthetics, user interface, and visual layout is known as web design. To create a smooth and interesting user experience, it focuses on components including color schemes, typography, graphics, and navigation frameworks. A website can be made to look good and be simple to use by combining a number of abilities into web design, such as graphic design, user interface (UI) design, and user experience (UX) design.

The two separate but connected components of building a website are web development and web design. While web development entails the technical implementation of the website’s functions using various programming languages and frameworks, web design is concerned with the visual look and user experience. To put it simply, web engineers build the website’s underlying functioning, while web designers create the website’s look and feel.

A positive online experience is crucial for a number of reasons. Because your brand’s professionalism and credibility are reflected in the design and user experience, it helps you establish a good first impression on your audience. Because it’s easier for users to navigate and discover what they’re searching for, a well-designed website also increases user engagement and retention. Moreover, as search engines prefer websites with a solid user experience, a positive online experience also helps a website rank higher.

Blue Bite Branding’s primary area of expertise is serving mid-market and enterprise-level businesses in a variety of industries with web design services. Our skilled designers are aware of the particular requirements and difficulties that these companies have, which helps us to develop custom web design solutions that appeal to their target markets. We can guarantee that our clients receive unified and consistent branding and design components across all of their digital and print assets by providing full design services.

Blue Bite Branding is a superior option when it comes to web design for a number of reasons, especially for mid-market and enterprise-level businesses:

  • Complete Suite Design Associate: Blue Bite Branding provides a wide range of design services, in contrast to specialty firms who concentrate solely on web design. This implies that we can offer unified branding and design elements for all of your print and digital assets, giving your clients a consistent brand experience.
  • Knowledge: With a wealth of experience, our creative team of designers has built aesthetically attractive and intuitive websites that are customized to meet the specific requirements of enterprise and mid-market companies.
  • Knowledge: With a wealth of experience, our creative team of designers has built aesthetically attractive and intuitive websites that are customized to meet the specific requirements of enterprise and mid-market companies.
  • Tailored Approach: We place a strong emphasis on working together and take the time to learn about your objectives and vision. Then, we adjust our designs to fit your particular requirements and the tastes of your target market.
  • Quality and Efficiency: Blue Bite Branding is dedicated to meeting deadlines and budgets while maintaining a high standard of work. We take use of our experience and efficient procedures to deliver exceptional outcomes on schedule.

Selecting Blue Bite Branding as your web design partner gives you access to a comprehensive package of design services that address your more extensive branding and marketing requirements, in addition to our outstanding web design talents.

A web design project’s time varies based on the intricacy of the design, the size of the website, and the needs of the client. On the other hand, Blue Bite Branding works hard to produce excellent web designs in a timely manner. Depending on the project’s scale and the input from the customer, a normal web design project with Blue Bite Branding can take a few weeks to several months.

In addition to developing responsive designs that function flawlessly on a variety of devices, Blue Bite Branding’s web design services also encompass developing your website’s visual layout, user interface, and general aesthetics. Our main goal is to provide aesthetically pleasing and intuitive designs that complement your brand identity and corporate objectives. Prototyping, UX/UI design, and graphic design are among the services we offer.

Nevertheless, web development and practical website implementation are not included in Blue Bite Branding’s web design packages. We leave the technical execution to experts in web development; our areas of expertise are establishing the user experience and graphic elements.


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    The Herschthal Practice

    The Herschthal Practice in Florida, USA, offers personalized dermatologic care, combining advanced techniques with expertise to achieve natural, aesthetic results.

    Offering individualized dermatological care, The Herschthal Practice strives to strike a balance between skin health and aesthetics. Dermatologists with board certifications guarantee patient happiness and meticulous care by offering state-of-the-art customized treatments and medical education.

    cosmetic changed 1

    Brand Awareness

    The Herschthal Practice asked Blue Bite Branding to reassess its digital marketing efforts by leveraging Facebook and Instagram to generate new patient leads. The practice aimed to establish a high-quality organic social media presence by increasing their brand following and implementing paid campaigns, as well as creative video and graphics for ad placements.
    About SEO AUDIT

    The Herschthal Practice

    We refined factors and implemented SEO strategies to increase visibility in SERPs searches, including optimizing on-page content, integrating relevant keywords, following content marketing, introducing off-page marketing for referrals, and fostering social media engagement.

    Here are the results:


    Amplify your design capacity with Blue Bite Branding


    Georgia Addiction Treatment Center

    Georgia Addiction Treatment Center is a South-based addiction treatment facility renowned for its dual diagnosis program and patient-centered approach. It treats addiction without addressing the underlying causes, preventing relapse, and addressing mental health conditions including depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

    Brand Awareness

    Developing a design system that embodies the Georgia Addiction Treatment Center’s mission of offering real addiction treatment and enticing the community to make use of the institution was the assignment assigned to our team at Blue Bite branding. This included building a brand identity, a design system for several communication channels, an informative website, and a mobile app interface with healthcare features, in addition to performing a comprehensive competitor analysis.

    The main goal was to make the establishment appear and sound hospitable, amiable, trustworthy, and supportive.

    About SEO AUDIT

    Georgia Addiction Treatment Center

    Here’s how we went about doing an SEO audit on Georgia Center’s website:

    We examined a variety of on- and off-page components, such as backlinks, competitive analysis, internal linking, and more.

    To ensure that the website’s content satisfies search intent, we looked at the changes that improve it.

    Technical aspects including indexing, page performance, and website architecture were also looked at in detail.

    Following the audit, their website traffic rose in the ways listed below:


    Amplify your design capacity with Blue Bite Branding


    Matustik Builders

    Matustik Builders, a leading custom luxury home builder in Lake Geneva, WI, focuses on personalized attention to detail and customer service. Their mission is to consistently provide high-quality work at competitive costs, exceeding client expectations, and remain the preferred choice for custom-built homes in the area.
    matustik 4

    Digital Marketing Consulting

    Matustik Builders struggled to communicate their desired sophistication for their projects due to a lack of understanding of their target market, determining effective and wasteful strategies, and integrating sales and marketing systems. They also lacked internal marketing resources and knowledge, leading to project struggles.

    Matustik Builders opted for Blue Bite Branding’s inbound and content marketing system for their product with a long sales cycle. Blue Bite Branding integrated various marketing activities, including lead generation, landing pages, ads management, social media, reporting dashboards, and a blogging platform. This strategy aimed to engage leads and increase organic search rankings, with promoted content using paid and organic strategies. 


    Amplify your design capacity with Blue Bite Branding


    Major World

    Long Island City consumers can choose from a large assortment of reasonably priced used cars at Major World, a renowned used car dealer in New York. Purchasing a car doesn’t have to be costly with thousands of excellent models to select from.

    major world 1

    Digital Marketing Consulting

    Major World contacted Blue Bite Branding to use marketing tactics that would increase sales dramatically and combine a variety of marketing executions to increase brand awareness in the USA quickly. Within a modest marketing budget, we contributed to increasing new car sales by combining automotive content marketing, SEO development, public relations, and social media community participation.

    We made a point of enhancing the content marketing efforts on the website to make the experience of owning a car more realistic. In order to engage current owners and gain exposure to new audiences, we also focused heavily on providing tales and images of people having fun with the cars. These were shared on social media, local car clubs, online forums, and other online platforms. 

    About SEO AUDIT

    Major World

    First, we focused on boosting traffic to existing pages by analyzing keyword rankings for product pages related to specific cars. We capitalized on low-difficult keywords to increase traffic and improve the site’s ranking.

    Second, to improve your automotive website, we analyzed competitors’ targeting keywords and focused on creating content for these opportunities. We utilized high-quality link-building and strategic content each month to build a strong online presence of Major World in the automotive industry.

    We successfully targeted easy-win key terms, boosting their ranking to page 1 and doubling their organic traffic value after months of consistent work.

    See the results: 


    Amplify your design capacity with Blue Bite Branding