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Obtain attention-grabbing, custom infographics that are in line with your business. Incorporate a committed group of design professionals into your ideation process to obtain large-scale design solutions for your infographic design requirements.

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Simply Blue Bite Branding it, from various infographic designs to data visualization.

Without excellent and well-thought-out ideas and concepts, it is never easy to condense everything into one succinct and visually appealing infographic. Whether it’s data visualization, listicles, or summaries of blog posts, we make eye-catching infographics. Our infographic design specialists have all you need to make powerful infographics. Our infographic designs are available through a range of subscription levels and are a component of our illustration design services.

Statistical Infographics

Make your statistics from surveys, studies, and other sources visually appealing to increase sharing and interaction with your material.

Blog Infographics

To encourage interaction, provide unique, recognizable, and bespoke infographic designs and images for your blog posts.

Process Infographics

Do you need your procedures or step-by-step instructions transformed into a stunning, readable infographic? Look nowhere else.

Timeline Infographics

Invest in custom timeline designs that set your material apart from the competition and create stunning, on-brand infographics.

Informational Infographics

Transform an informative piece into a skillfully created infographic that effectively conveys the information through both text and visual components.

Data Visualization

Invest in data visualization services to transform dull data sheets into visually stimulating infographics that encourage sharing.


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assemble a flexible, innovative team of top experts with experience working on global brands.

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You may manage comments and edits via Slack, email, or the built-in chat after submitting your brief.

Consistent subscription costs

Compared to agencies or the full-time expenses of employing internally, Blue Bite Branding is thirty percent less expensive.

Enrolled in your brand and company

Blue Bite Branding becomes familiar with your audience, brand, workflows, and goals in order to guarantee consistency and excellence.

Designed to accommodate large corporate teams

An innovative solution designed with scale, security, and confidentiality as key priorities for today's business.

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An infographic is a kind of graphic design that presents information visually through the use of charts, graphs, icons, and images. Infographics are perfect for subjects with a lot of data, such as science, technology, and business, because they can swiftly and simply communicate complicated information.

The process of making infographics is called infographic design. It entails picking the appropriate data, creating a visually pleasing layout, and adding text to provide context. Data analysis and graphic design are two skills that infographic artists need to possess.

An infographic cannot be created using a single formula. You can make an infographic that is both educational and aesthetically pleasing, though, by following a few simple guidelines.

Choose a subject or collection of data that piques your interest first. Once a topic has been selected, conduct research to gather pertinent information.

After gathering information, start scribbling ideas for the information’s visualization.

If you don’t have access to design services, you may still make an infographic with programs like Adobe Illustrator. Make sure the typefaces and colors you choose are simple on the eyes and support the infographic’s content.

Before sharing or posting your infographic online, make sure it is proofread.

A good infographic is made up of many different elements. Among the important things to think about are:

  • The infographic should contain factual and thoroughly researched content.
  • It should have clear, succinct information and an eye-catching layout that makes it easy to read.
  • The design should support successful communication of the main ideas and be appropriate for the subject matter.
  • The infographic ought to be clearly laid out and simple to use.
    It ought to have easy-to-read labels and explanations.
  • It is important to deliver the material in an intriguing and captivating manner.
  • For best reading, the infographic needs to be formatted and spaced correctly.

Our infographic design services are utilized by marketing teams and creative teams in both startups and large corporations. Your internal team may save up critical time by utilizing our skilled designers, as we provide a collaborative platform for briefs, feedback, revisions, and brand asset storage. Your infographics and illustrations will be on-brand.

The majority of design services are either very specialized or too slow to meet the demands of today’s businesses given their high volume and velocity. You may always have access to an elastic creative team of design specialists by using Blue Bite Branding. Using a collaboration tool that makes it simple to brief, monitor, and provide comments on newsletter designs, the process is totally controlled for you.

Infographics must represent your company and be on-brand in order to be most effective. In this manner, not only does the information get out there, but it also boosts brand exposure when it is given. Our design specialists are seasoned pros in creating personalized, incredibly amazing infographics using the branding of our clients. For infographics to be really effective, large output volumes are needed. Blue Bite Branding excels as a design partner in this situation because it can provide design at scale to meet the demands of the client.

A variety of membership options that are customized to meet the needs of our clients are available to access our infographic design service. This unique feature is a component of our illustration design solution, which gives our clients custom illustration designs in accordance with their requirements. Choose the Communications, Full Stack Design, Digital Advertising, or End-to-end Creative plan to begin using this service. You can have illustration design freedom by selecting the output level you need.


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